Plastering / Rendering Services

Plastering and rendering are not the same thing. Render is 3 parts plastering sand mixed with 1 part cement, with plasticizer and waterproofing agent added to create a waterproof layer for exterior applications. Plaster contains gypsum and is for internal applications only, as moisture will cause it to crumble.

Using a professional plasterer leaves walls ready for decorating with the minimum of preparation. We only use good quality materials and always prepare surfaces properly before we begin leaving our walls finished to our Clients satisfaction.

We only employ very experienced plasterers and highly qualified project managers who will advise on the most suitable plaster or render solution for your project.


Our exterior services include the following...

1.  Wet Dashing and Dry Dashing
2.  Cement based rendering
3.  Pebbledashing
4.  Tyrolene textured finishes
5.  Fibre-Cement Mixing for high moisture areas

Our interior services include the following...

1.  Bonding
2.  Browning
3.  Cement based rendering
4.  Skimming/Finish coats
5.  One coat plaster