Renovations are one of our great passions. We understand the client’s passion for buying an old home and wanting to transform this home to cater for their needs in order to bring the home into the modern era, or to bring the home back to its original self while still maintaining and saving its character. JJC takes great pride in taking on these types of projects because of the great challenges involved in reaching the final goal. There is great satisfaction in achieving this final result. Taking on a renovation or restorations takes a lot of courage and vision from the client. JJC can match that with determination and skill and combined we can achieve a 100% satisfaction. This is what our company always strives for.

Convert your homes attic spaces into an office, bedroom, bathroom, etc. Attic renovation projects frequently include building rooms such as bedrooms, office space, and occasionally bathrooms. The best way to add value to your home is to convert your attic or to build an extension.

JJC can provide top quality workmanship in a relaxed professional environment to all our clients. We realise that each attic conversion or extension are individual and we have the experience and skills to make the most out of each individual attic space, back garden space or the side of you house.

If you ask estate agents which home improvements adds the most value to a home the answer is always the same the attic conversions and room extensions.
We want the home owner to realise the potential space within their own home. Our team are fully experienced and qualified designers, engineers, managers, plumbers, carpenters, painters, plasterers bricklayers and electricians. We will use our experience to design the project with you. Or we can also work from your own plans and drawings and advise where we might see problems arise. We at JJC strive for 100% satisfaction